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Persevere on the Common Ground

Persevere by Common Ground Writer Katie J. McCoy (WORLD’s Tim Lamer Opinions, 10:05 AM. August 14, 2023) observed that “…the oppressed have become the oppressors. The same logic is at work (referring to the second wave of feminism) but with a … Continue reading

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Returning to School

Realities of Returning to School Back to School! Wow! It is that time of year again. What does it mean to us? There are a variety of answers to that question. Let me propose a few and then suggest some … Continue reading

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What to Do When a Parent or Parents Object to a Prospective Mate?

Why Parental Objections What to Understand Parental disapproval is almost always rooted in genuine concerns. Once a young person senses or is fully aware of parental disapproval, they terminate the discussion. This is a serious error. Conversely, parents tend to … Continue reading

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The Seven-Year Itch

A Cultural Phenomenon Most of us have heard that little phrase but most likely do not know its origin. Without giving the details, let me say that it originated in an article about marriage and divorce and connoted the point at which there was … Continue reading

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