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Husbands and Leadership

Introduction MLK has a quote that I think about often.  “Whatever your life’s work is, do it well.” Every husband needs to take his life’s work well. And what is that life work? Paul put it this way. “Love your … Continue reading

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The Value of Classical Education

Origin of Article The following article is a letter written to the parents upon the junior’s college tour led by Kim. My grandson was on the tour. When I read it, I asked for permission to republish it on this … Continue reading

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Tri-part Man Requires Tri-part Counseling: Heart Surgery 

Preempting Misunderstanding  This title does not suggest that the preacher deals with the spiritual or soul, the medical doctor deals with the physical, and the psychiatrist deals with the psychological. It does suggest that the biblical counselor must consider three … Continue reading

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Transitioning Family Relationships

Today, my friend and colleague, Dr. Kevin Carson, posted an article on his blog, “On the Day My Daughter Gets Married.” I so much appreciated his wonderful statement of truth that over the years in my counselor journey, I have … Continue reading

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Changing An Evil of An Unjust Society

Setting the Stage This blog is not an exposition of Malachi chapter one. Instead, I suggest you read and look for principles that speak to the church and, if you please, to America, which owes its original framework to the … Continue reading

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