A Lesson from a Hero

A Lesson on Survival from a Hero

And What It Takes to Win a Culture War

History Is Important

For his Independence Day blog, R. Albert Mohler, Jr, wrote a piece on the recently deceased, Hershel Williams, the last of the 472 Americans awarded the Medal of Honor in WWII. Mohler tiled the piece with this quote from Williams’ citation, “Unyielding determination and extraordinary heroism”.

The Needed Quality Personified

It struck me that this quality is going to be the necessary quality demonstrated by thousands if we are going to plant Old Glory once again claiming victory for America, her Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Hershel was not an intellectual. He completed a twenty-year tour in the Marines after the war and then began working for the Veterans Administration for 33 years.

The following quotes by CBS News are some of those wonderful things one would like others to say when they are gone.

“Woody Williams will go down in history as one of the greatest West Virginians who ever lived, and we salute him for everything he gave to our state and our nation,” Gov. Jim Justice said in a statement.

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin said Williams “was the embodiment of a true American hero. Americans like Woody answered the call to serve our great nation and their sacrifices allow us to enjoy the freedoms we hold dear.”

However, these wonderful things only get said when America wins. If the WWII alliance of evil had been successful, Hershel Williams would never have been noticed.

The Culture War

The current culture war that is engulfing the world and especially the Western world needs not 472 Metal of Honor winners but thousands of youths, young men and women, middle-aged and mature individuals to exhibit “Unyielding determination and extraordinary heroism”.

Passing It On

Somewhere I read or heard on a flick the following words Williams at his great grandson’s graduation from Marine boot camp, “You can take my life, but you cannot take my country and you cannot take my freedom” as being instilled in these young Marines. Well, we need to instill this “save her or die” mentality in thousands if indeed America will be saved.

The Hero, Our Example

What did Hershel Williams do? Well, he was not a football star. No, that was Hershel Walker who may find himself awarded a title of honor, US Senator, come fall elections. So, what about Williams. He is credited with turning the tide for the battle of Iwo Jima by unrelentingly pushing forward alone to reduce the rain of machinegun fire. Somewhere I read he took out thirteen machinegun nests.

The Cost

Iwo Jima cost us some 7000 Marine lives and 24,000 were wounded. Those men died ultimately to protect the country and the freedom you and I enjoy. One man received the Medal of Honor which he said he received to hold in trust to all the rest.

The Question

Let me ask you my fellow Americans, “Are you willing to be one of those who die or one of those to be wounded because you stand up for America?” Don’t miss it! Standing up for America is the second tier concern. It is standing up for our God that is at stake and standing up for America is the playing field. America has never been perfect, but she has stood for morality, honesty, justice, sexual identity, and family values.

Unfortunately, freedom is expensive. If you think not, then remember that Jesus Christ lay aside his heavenly position to take up the form of a man, live a righteous life in a fallen world, and die on a cross taking all your sin on Him so He could put all His righteousness on you netting heavenly citizenship and the ultimate freedom from sin for you. That act won the ultimate cultural war which is yet to be fully played out in time and space.

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