A Response to Progressive Evangelicals

A Response to Progressive Evangelicals

The following six point is how evangelicals against Trump see him and those who supported him:

1. God answered your prayers, the Godliest man and the best Christian leader on the ballot was elected.
2. Donald Trump is the most profane, ungodly man ever to serve as our President.
3. Donald Trump is more like King Nebuchadnezzar than King David. He has used Christians the way Nebuchadnezzar used Daniel.
4. Christians for Trump have ignored the thousands of lies and conspiracies. They have ignored his attacks on women and deceased veterans.
5. The world is much safer tonight because an egotistical narcissistic President will not be able to offend more of our allies and govern based on his business interest.
6. I pray God will open the eyes of deceived Christians.

WoW! The liberal press has captured the dear brother who wrote this piece. With friends like this we conservatives do not need enemies to lose an election. The only point with which I can agree is number six. Obviously, he will pray that my eyes are opened, and I will pray that his eyes will be opened.

For the sake of my children and grandchildren I could wish that his number one were true. Unfortunately, all the evidence both historically and recently weights that it is not true.

As to Trump’s profaneness, this dear brother should do some investigating of former Presidents who were discrete with their sin, but none the less culpable. It would be interesting to see which Nebuchadnezzar is the focus of his comparison. I would choose the latter post the seven years of animal experience. As to the conspiracies, it would seem he has this backwards since it was Trump who was the victim of the conspiracies.

Is the world a safer place? Well, maybe, since Joe and Kamala will find favor with China there will not be another C-19. Perhaps suddenly a vaccine will appear leaking out of China. The safer may also be the lull before the storm that the green new deal will blow in.

But I will join my brother and pray for the President and Vice President elect. I am proud to be an American. With her many flaws that have reigned pain upon many—Indians, Blacks, Chinese, Irelanders, Muslims, laborers in the Industrial Revolution, and others, she has been the means of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to many more. She has honor God. She has provided opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission. Unfortunately, we who claim heavenly citizenship have far to often failed to capitalize these freedoms for the Gospel and the glory of God.

Our hope was not in President Trump and it will not be in President Biden. Our hope was and is in the Providential rule of our God and our is confidence that He is orchestrating history toward His ultimate purpose of establishing an earthly kingdom in which there is no sin and where He will wipe away all tears. With this vision before us, we will pray for these new leaders. First, that they might turn to Jesus and receive the gift of eternal life He offers. Second that they will take heed to the order that God has established. Third, that they will seek true justice and rule with mercy. And, it all, that they might seek wisdom from above without shame.

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