America the Ugly

America the Ugly

A Modern-Day Lament Rooted in Ancient History

Preface: As I lingered in Isaiah chapters one to five an awful and wonderful prophetic message to Judah, I mused what the Lord God might write to America.

Oh, America, America thy rotting soul My heart breaks,

Principles of My Word your foundation laid.

Like My Israel, your sin, this wisdom spurned,

In the vein of Israel, two nations you have become

Two alters your minds embrace, even the righteous ones, corrupting.

Oh, citizens, land of the brave and home of the free

Come let us reason together, return to My Word,

Though your sins be scarlet, repentance will secure

A record expunged; a relationship restored,

Wounds healed; joy returned

And a unity in differences resolutions will find.

Oh, America, America a society disordered,

Technological lads your princes have become,

Oppressors of others, you mar your pride

Raging youth, the wisdom of elders’ spurn,

Good men refuse to serve less vilification is their thanks.

Oh, America, America, against your God, a gifted nation in manifold ways rebels,

Disgorging the gift of life as payment for passion’s pleasure

Ambivalence towards law, both God and man

In the name of justice, injustice practice

Freely displaying grossest sin, freely supporting the sin of others

Discipline and judgment, you leave a righteous God no choice

Oh, America, America, like My Israel, the prophet your sin records

Your destiny of demise, a self-determined judgment

The oppression and aborting of your children

The human trafficking of the image of God

The abandoning of God-defined roles of men and women

The ruling of Jezebels prominent in the seat government

The idol of materialism capturing the hearts of even the righteous

Oh, America, America let your heart and mind assured be

In the last days, the mountain of the house of the LORD will established be

You, with all nations, will stream to His house instruction to receive

Be assured, Oh America, the judge of all the earth himself at your door stands, oh ye foolish ones

Oh, America, come now and walk in the light of the LORD

Walk no longer after religions, mystics, materialism, prosperity and idols

Choose to humble yourself less your God humbles you

Escape the terror of the Lord and Hs splendors of majesty

Oh, America, America, the LORD of hosts, a day of reckoning will have

The arrogant and rebellious He will vanquish

The idols, crafted by men and erected in hearts, will vanish

Stop, oh stop, regarding men whose life is but a nostril’s breath

Who call evil good and good evil,

Oh, your condition, may it be discontent and to your, God return

Become again, America the beautiful, host to my church, and the land of opportunity.

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