Twenty Questions


It is always necessary to be thinking by analyzing your surroundings whether church or community. Country or the world. Twenty questions format is a good way to do so. I tell my students that Mr. Question is your friend.

I’ve been “under the weather” the past two weeks. Hence, a greater diet of news happenings at home and abroad. It occurred to me to begin a list of twenty questions stirred by this steady exposure. Read my twenty questions and then my suggested answer key.1

1. Is it right to deny children access to life-altering and irreversible drugs.

2. Is it right to deny grammar school children transgender education?

3. Is it right to have a publicly funded character school to serve one dedicated minority population with the faculty only willing to teach the cultural philosophy of transgender?

4. Is it right to issue executive orders that violate Constitutional standards?

5. Is it right to allow a bully nation to impose its will on its neighbor?

6. Is it right for a Republican candidate to take money from the liberal left establishment?

7. Is it right for a judge to dismiss a case based solely on ethnicity?

8. Is it right to elect to a Federal Judgeship a person who has never held a lower court judgeship?

9. Is it right, given the current cultural conditions, to elect a Supreme Court Justice who refuses to define a woman?

10. Is it right to endorse a born male self-declared a female to compete in female sports.

11. Is it right for a sitting President and his Secretary of Home Land Security to blatantly ignore immigration law?

12. Is it right for politicians to scheme to disarm citizens in disregard for the Second Amendment?

13. Is it right to endorse for the ministry a man who denies the deity of Christ or the historicity of the Old Testament?

14. Is it right for the corporate elite to harass Elon Musk for outsmarting the elite?

15. Is it right to impose sanctions on a nation on the one hand and do business with that nation on the other hand?

16. Is it right to allow the President’s son to avoid prosecution when even his friends agree he is guilty?

17. Is it right to establish a disinformation government office to curtail free speech?

18. Is it right to pick one driver out of a speeding pack to make an example of him/her?

19. Is it right to prefer or deny college entrance based upon ethnicity?

20. Is it right to deny acceptance of a student paper, well-written and well-researched because the professor or the school administration does not agree with the position of the paper?

Analytical Key

All these questions arose out of my diet of news these two weeks. What is the key that will predict the answers of the reader? The key is your worldview.

If your worldview is largely influenced by a Christian, American, Constitutional thought which thrives on antithetical thinking, you answered, no to all or almost all twenty questions.

If knowingly or unknowingly you embrace a Marxist relatively, even if not all its tentacles, you answered the majority, if not all, yes.

Now one more question. Who makes the rules in that philosophical setting and by what standards are values determined?

The answer is whoever is in Power. And whatever benefits the one or ones in power. Each one will worship at his altar and everyone else will be his sacrifice.

Now you think about that, ” to quote Steve Brown of Key Life Ministries.

1 I actually listed 25, but Twenty Questions is a familiar theme.

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