Persevere on the Common Ground

Persevere by Common Ground

Writer Katie J. McCoy (WORLD’s Tim Lamer Opinions, 10:05 AM. August 14, 2023) observed that “…the oppressed have become the oppressors. The same logic is at work (referring to the second wave of feminism) but with a new gender minority as its beneficiary. Today, biological women objecting to gender-affirming care and its effects are either objects of public scorn or private sympathy. A former transgender person contradicts the collective experiences of trans ideologies may illicit pity, but they are seen to have no bearing on whether those ideologies are true or false.”

The Simple but Complex Simple

So, what gives rise to current cultural status? While it may sound simplistic, the answer is simple. As I’ve written before, we no longer have a common page to provide a common foundation to frame our reasoning and our values. Without a sweeping revival, the best we can hope for is to maintain a place at the government table with a loud enough voice to create a tension that generates sufficient restraint to provide space to live by our morals until the Lord returns. 

Hope Amid Chaos

But my friends, we have hope. All this means that the second coming of Jesus is our hope. In Luke 21, Jesus was asked, “When?” in response to his predictive promises of the destruction of Jerusalem and beyond. Here is His answer.

 “Nation will rise up in arms against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. Great earthquakes, famines, and plagues will happen in various places….12 But before all this, they will seize and persecute you…before kings and governors because of my name. This will be your opportunity to serve as a witness. Don’t worry about your defense ahead of time. I will give you the words and wisdom that none of your adversaries can withstand or contradict. Even parents, brothers, relatives, and friends will be guilty of betraying you to the point of death. Government, school officials, and neighbors will hate you because you identify with my name. Not get this, yet not a hair of your head will perish because by your endurance you will gain eternal life (My paraphrase of Luke 21: 10-19).

Reading the Last Chapter

Reading the last chapter is not cheating, and it sure is comforting. In the meantime, stay the course; God really is in charge.

Conclusion and Implementation

Earlier this week, I posted the above on Facebook.  But I decided to expand my thoughts on Luke 21, considering the culture war we find ourselves in. Listen to former college swimmer Riley Gaines, who slammed her controversial trans rival Lia Thomas (male athlete who identifies as a woman) for asking President Biden to normalize self-proclaimed female student-athletes’ participation in whatever sport they choose unimpeded. Riley correctly discerned that such practice is nothing less than “selfish” and “utter disregard for women.” (The Daily Mail cited 08-14-23

If one is following the Biden Administration, it becomes evident that they are aggressively pursuing every legal avenue to accomplish the demise of women’s sports as well as the demise of children, who would otherwise usually process through the temporary gender confusion of that some children and teens experience. Is one aiding the advancement of the other? I suspect that while there is that effect, it is not likely the plan. The plan is cultural deconstruction—anything that smacks of Judeo-Christian origins. Such cultural deconstruction is nothing new. Ancient and modern history is replete with examples. What is different this time is the deconstruction of an entire civilization.

The current emphasis is on Western civilization and the nations of the world that have adapted and adopted it as well. But I have no doubts that Eastern and Islamic cultures are cracking and will become objects with the tools of deconstruction adapted to take them down. I’ve read the final chapter, and King Jesus will take down a unified opposing culture and set up His eternal Kingdom of righteousness. We differ in our view of how that will transpire, but if we read our Bible, there is no question that King Jesus will execute the conquest over evil.

In the meantime, what are we to do? 

  • Love the Lord your God and your neighbor Matt 22:36-40)
  • Walk in fellowship with Jesus (I John 1) and engage in corporate worship (Heb 10:25)
  • Persevere—always be ready to give an answer (I Pet 3:15; II Tim 4:2)
  • Carry out the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-21)
  • Engage in counseling one another (Gal 6:1ff)
  • If married, work together to portray the relationship of Christ and His church (Eph 5)
  • Having done all, stand (Eph 6:13)
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