Ten Considerations for Families

Here are ten considerations or lessons for family members drawn from I Samuel chapters one and two. Old Testament narratives provide great visual illustrations of New Testament principles for Christian living. From time to time I will be posting such lessons for my readers perusal. There are four major characters in this story. Hannah, the barren wife Elkanah who prayed earnestly for a son. Peninnah the second wife of Elkanah who ridiculed Hannah because she was barren. Elkanah who loved and favored Hannah. Eli, the unsympathetic high priest and father of two ungodly sons whom he appointed to the priesthood. As you read these two chapters it will not be difficult to see how I have extracted these lessons from the lives of these actors.

Perhaps the Holy Spirit will use one of these lessons to challenge you.

  1. What to do when you are stressed by circumstances or people in your life—pray! 1:10
  2. How to answer authority when questioned—respectfully! 1:15-16
  3. How to handle a jealous family member–turn to the Lord 1:6, 10
  4. Consequences of poor parenting—disrespectful children 2:12-17, 25
  5. Even in difficult times, stay the course and worship 1:19
  6. Make a vow to God; keep a vow to God 1:24
  7. Don’t forget to give vent to thanks when God answers prayer 2:1-11
  8. Folly of ordaining unbelievers 2:12-17 and/or folly of favoring worthless children
  9. You can’t out give God 2:20-21
  10. The folly of exhorting fools; they will do what they want to do 2:22-25
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