The Church and America Are Dependent Upon Intentional Parenting

As with Old Testament Israel (Num. 11:4), so with America: the population was a mixed multitude (believers and unbelievers). But again, as with Israel, so also with America: the majorities are people of faith. In Deuteronomy 6, God, through Moses, sets forth a pattern or model for the transference both of the corpus of the people’s faith and the reality of their faith in order to ensure continuance of the blessings that God bestowed on them from generation to generation. As twenty-first-century Christians we must adopt this pattern if we are to pass on the blessings that God has bestowed on us to the next generation and beyond. Here is the pattern, to be read from the bottom up:

Focusing on redemption (vv. 20–25)
When questioned, we need to focus on God’s redemptive act.

Consistent modeling (vv. 10–19)
We need to be a consistent model of worshiping God in all of life.

Display truth artistically (vv. 8–9)
We need to use symbolism and art to reinforce reality.

Bookending the day (v. 7d)
We need to model beginning and ending the day with God.

Capitalizing Intentional application opportunities (v. 7c)
We must intentionally draw out the application to current events.

Casual application frequently (v. 7b)
We must apply the Word of God in our daily living.

Formal instruction regularly (v. 7a)
We must formally teach our children the Word of God.

Communication with intentionally (v. 6)
We must be intentionally interacting with God.

Adapted from my book: A Call to Christian Patriotism, Focus Publishing

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